Friday, 29 November 2013

On a trip to Never, Neverland

  I awoke to some rather horrid news today, folks:

  I`m linking to an article by Liam Doolan at NintendoLife (UK), but rest assured that this news has already made the rounds locally, and every outlet is reacting with shock.

  The gaming industry has seen too much of this lately.  Neverland was hardly in fine form as a company, but Rune Factory 4 has apparently seen a good traffic.  It evidently wasn’t enough, though, hence the tragedy.

  …   I … haven`t seen a lot of coverage for Rune Factory 4 everywhere.  Which is a shame, as the game is brilliant work in the JRPG field.  The team involved announced immediately that they were to being work on the next, Rune Factory 5, soon.  The fate of this game is now up in the air, and its stalwart fans may never see it either.

   …Then again, this report shows that Sega Sammy may intend to *gasp* leave Atlus/Index to work on their IPs in peace.  After watching Sega in horror these last few years adapt to the merger, news that Sega (the new company) may be ready to return to gaming, to really commit to the creative process instead of churning out poor Sonic cash-ins is heartening.  There may be hope for all the struggling companies yet.  Then again, no bidders are yet confirmed for Neverland.

  It sure isn’t good news.  It is trying news, as no one needs this kind of threat hanging over their jobs.

  …This doesn’t feel like a full post, but I think a moment of silence is in order for Neverland. 
My last words on the matter: Faith.  It’ll all work out, and things will pick up again.

  Cheers Neverland, and thank you!

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