Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Fresh Update:

  Sorry that I have been delayed: I’ve been writer’s blocked!

  Not much has changed since my last post.  I’m still plugging away at Rune Factory 4, now on the last stage of the second arc and pushing forward.  There’s a lot left to do, and some terribly vexing step switch puzzles that I can’t figure out how to keep depressed, as items won’t do and allies won’t hold still.  I’m also pushing along in Code of Princess, and well balanced brawler of a game from Atlus that I got on sale.  It is good stuff so far, though the story is still pretty ham fisted and silly, overall.

  But I’m sure no one wants to know all of that stuff.  Everyone wants to know about Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.  I know that I do!  Zelda is coming out in two days, and for me it cannot be released soon enough.  I’ll probably be delayed even at that, as it is released on a Saturday and being delivered to my door.  My money is on a Monday receipt.  But it will be worth it for the musical treasure chest!  If I get it, then I shall nominate Nintendo for a write in award.

  Best Pre-Order Bonus: The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

  There isn’t much that could rival such a nice bonus!  I’m sure someone else will mention various DLC promotions, but that always feels more impermanent and impersonal!  I’ll take the silly plastic goodie any day! 

  Speaking of orders from Nintendo, when are they going to get around to releasing my Majora’s Mask Sound Track CD for Club Nintendo Platinum members? *checks Club Nintendo*  … No change!  Curses!
Ahem.  So yeah, not much changes, but a lot of potential all around me.  I haven’t decided how to mark the occasion for a new Zelda game yet.  You might see something special done around here!

  Hmm… this doesn’t feel like a complete post.  Alright, just for you guys, here’s the best I got to fill the gap!  The second most fervently desired game on my wishlist, in silly comic form!

The comic above is my own work.  Good lord this took a while.  And, yes, I know it looks terrible and simplifies terrible subject matter for humor.  Enjoy!

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