This page includes source information where I come up with my blogging ideas.

The Game Overthinker - I like this guy, his perceptions are usually on track and I like his sense of humor.

Extra Credits - These guys run a kind of five minute primer lecture on game design.  I can not wait for their "Games You Might Not Have Tried" feature.

Captain SNES - Remember Captain N?  This guy does, and he has assembled the most immense and endless labor to remember and surpass it.

The Order of the Stick - Few webcomics are so immensely satisfying as this one.  Also the forums are extremely useful for AD&D character design.

Jimquisition - A commentator who tells it like it is and fights against corporate greed and fanboy toxicity in the Internet culture of video gaming.  Be warned, limit your exposure.

GoNintendo - My new favorite new aggregation site for Nintendo news.  Great community, and RMH has a spectacular beard worthy of respect.

Nintendo Life - A great site featuring the excellent writing of Thomas Whitehead on a soapbox.  He makes great talking points!

2-Dimensions - I'm currently following Jeremy Parish over at USGamer.  This is his blog.

Dromble - A good site I frequent for the writing of Emily Rogers.

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