Monday, 10 December 2012

Where did you go?

It’s been about a week since my last post, this despite me clinging to notes made during work easily last Wednesday.  So why have I not found time to post?  Lord if I could forget!

  A very significant family tragedy happened last Tuesday.  Then there was a work Christmas party, you know the type that people work hard to accommodate you but only so much?  You can’t really refuse the last chance for all the other co-workers to get together.

  I haven’t slept since, not out of mourning or work, mind you.  Out of hacking.  The flue hit me hard and every one of my days off I have been in urgent, strangled pleading for my life.  Every year I just assume I can handle it; I definitely should have learned.  

  So yeah, this last week has become the week that will never end!  While I’ve fallen back on the 3DS as one of my last truest friends, or at least one of my most flue-proof friends, I haven’t had the inclination, the gumption, or the ability to breathe that I would need to put up a proper blog post.  Things have changed, now, as last night involved the throat finally going raw and letting the phlegm fly out.  Not a pretty picture, but positive nonetheless.  I’m hacking much less often and medication is starting to take effect!  I haven’t even signalled that I was choking since six am. 
I’m hopeful to put some proper content up later tonight.  If you guys need something to chew on, my first moments of joy came on seeing this trailer.

*sniff,* it’s so beautiful!*

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