Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Super Mario 3D World, 100%

  Well, it has taken me nigh two months, but I’ve made it, I’ve reached, and I don’t feel like doing it again (for a while).

  I’ve mainly been playing in front of the news, using the length of the news broadcast to determine the time invested.

  I mostly sleep-walked through the first 8 or so stages, mainly coming to life and responding to the challenges after the first time up the giant cat tower with Bowser.  Of course, as Mario veterans know, the first few worlds are just there to whet the appetite, and the special worlds definitely delivered challenges to remember.

  I had the bulk of the game wrestled in something like a month ago.  By this time, I have every stage (ugh!) played 5 times over, once with each playable character (oh boy), with every star, stamp, and top-of-the-flagpole (ha ha) including all specials worlds and Champion’s road.  I am officially out of Super Mario 3D World content, and I can’t be bothered to go back anytime soon.

  So, truth time, Player 1.  Is Mario spent?  Is he stagnating?  …Yes.  SM3DW recaps a lot of the Super Mario franchise succinctly and does a great job of communicating what is great about it.  It feels like another trip around the block, maybe through new worlds, displaying new skills and abilities, but it is very much like core Mario.

  Is Mario unfun?  Heck no!  This is certainly a great game, and not many today keep me going for two months at a go, not even Pikmin, Zelda ALBW, or Pokémon Y could.  Challenges were never unfair, though some were intensely demanding, as if … how to scale this…

  I felt like Rayman Origins had more unfair challenges.  I felt like Metroid Prime 2 was the most bland and repetitive.  SM3DW felt like a serious challenge, but it stayed away from both of those extremes, always skirting them though.  I remember that I couldn't quite power through Super Mario 3D Land; my interest faded before the end of the special worlds.  Well, I’ve cleared 3D World now, so it ended just in the nick of time.

  Finishing the game, my final score shows 650 lives spent on the effort.  Now that’s a nice feature; if and when I do attempt this game again, I can aim for a score lower than 650 lives lost.  Oh God, I threw so many Princesses away on the Champion’s Road course.  Do you know that sensation when you just start zoning out, and the button presses are on automatic, there is no emotional response because it is inefficient, you enter the zone and don’t care how many lives are lost, but you just keep going until the job gets done!  I must have zoned out maybe twice, and of course my casualty numbers go way up then!


  What else I have on the WiiU includes The Wonderful 101, which I have not seen for about a week or more, and of course there is yet more to see in Wii Fit U and NintendoLand.  I’ve finished Pikmin 3 a while ago, but I have popped back in once or twice.  And I have finished Ducktales Remastered, but of course, there is yet more to be unlocked in the art gallery.  With February winding to a close, I am getting worried again.  I wish that I could buy more games, but I have real money problems developing in the near future.  The last thing I bought on the 3DS was Attack of the Friday Night Monsters: Tokyo Tale.  There wasn't much meat on that one, though, and it is already long finished.

  Maybe this is a good time to take Nintendo up on their offer of a download through Club Nintendo for Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

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