Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Miiverse, Live and On 3DS!

  So Miiverse has gone live!  Is it worth it?  Is it everything WiiU owners can claim that we’ve missing out on?

  So far it is hard to say.

  3DS Miiverse has no means to send out friend requests, so that has to suck!  We can follow our favorites, though, so there is that.

  One of the first communities that I signed up for is Miiverse Art Academy Sketchpad, which has communities growing around artwork from WiiU owners, and I can say for certain that the artwork is top notch.

  I wish there was an equal on the 3DS.  I have already purchased a DSiware product, Inchworm Animation.  It is heartening to know other versions coming for the 3DS, but there doesn’t seem to be any community for similar products, such as Colors3D

  Otherwise, the potential of Miiverse is certainly there.  The built in drawing app does in a pinch, and there are a great many Miiverse users posting lovely greetings to the new cadre of 3DS users.

  I have some complaints, as it seems the service has been presented as quite slow, but that reflects everything that I’ve been hearing about the WiiU for months.  Also, at this time, the eShop is not fully prepared, and I cannot access it to verify if my balance is still intact.  I have no WiiU balance to fret over, and only about $1.52 left anyway, but I’m not able to confirm that all is well until that detail changes.

  In any case, with my 3DS now online and my Nintendo Network established, I hope to be able to sprinkle a few proper screenshots through this blog a bit more regularly, and certainly better looking than the iPod pictures I’ve made do with until now.  Here’s hoping this service continues to grow stronger, and I’ll keep you posted on any updates.

  We now return you to the your regularly scheduled gloating about how the WiiU is doomed.  What, you want me to link it?  No!  It’s super easy to find due to its ubiquity.   

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