Thursday, 19 September 2013

R.I.P. Hiroshi Yamauchi ... you're legends will live on.

  Terrible news in the Mushroom Kingdom, as news reports attest to the passing, at age 85, of Hiroshi Yamauchi.  Yamauchi is a man who glimpsed the future, predicted future tech flows, and charted a course for his Kyoto hanafuda (loosely, a trading card) company into technology.  He knew very little about computers himself, and was not a game maker, but he predicted the huge potential of games and family based entertainment way back into the 80s.  I consider myself a member of the 86 generation, who grew up on his slightly moral washed, but always cheery brands, notably Mario, Kirby, Metroid, and the title I took for a sobriquet for the website, The Legend of Zelda. 

  This news is big for us, and I’ve decided how I personally will mark the occasion. 

    I will play his games!

  Would that mark him in honor?  I think that would mark him in honor!

  So, here are the rules:
  1)      For a period to be no less than a month.  It doesn’t have to take 100% of my time (as I need a job),  but it does have to take up 100% of my gaming for leisure time.
  2)      I shall play only 8-bit first party titles.
a.      Should this read 8-bit NES first party? or titles selected by Yamauchi, which is all of them up to 2002?  I’m going to play only 8-bit NES first party for now, and cheat only as and when I need to, but under no circumstances should I play games from another source until the end of the month, regardless of how great the deal on Monster Hunter 3U is right now.
b.      Actually, scrap the NES part.  I have many more Gameboy 8-bit than NES 8-bit, and it is much more meaningful to me, and it ought to be indifferent to Mr. Yamauchi’s spirit.
  3)      Purchasing other games to play after the one month period does not constitute cheating.
a.      Please see previous note about great deal on Monster Hunter 3U.  Capcom is part of my childhood too, eh!
  4)      All games must be played on a Nintendo console, but it shall not constitute cheating to play modern Virtual Console or Gameboy Advance editions of NES classics.
a.      I’m throwing myself a bone because my NES does not have its power cord or RF cord since the move (or the previous move, I think).
b.      Oh, wait.  I need to add “Collector’s disks.”  I spent good money on that Kirby Collector’s Disk, so I’m not going to forswear this use for it.
  5)      Conspicuous efforts will be made for one month to post accounts and memories of the games to this blog.

  So there, I think these rules cover it.  The month begins as soon as this blog goes live.  Now if you lot would excuse me, I’ve been meaning to return to Zelda II since forever!

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