Friday, 27 September 2013

Progress hits a wall of knives

  Remember when I said that I’d already spoiled the secrets waiting for me in the last dungeon of Zelda II?  Surprise!  Even before coming upon the final enemies, this game busts loose a whole new set of chump enemies for whom the name chump is inappropriate.  Bastard is more like it.  Or “Fokka.”  Perceive it how you will.

  Final victory is postponed, while I re-learn a few tricks.  For the record, I am well beyond all of my experience with this old game, having never before found the skill to even reach this far.  I have no idea how it is that I have the skill today, and I may have simply gotten very lucky.  If so, I would say I’ve had a phenomenal run of good luck, followed by a typical run of the bad.  Party is over folks, I’m getting down to work now.

  There isn’t much else to report on Zelda II, and I’m keeping myself to 8-bit games (almost, as I broke down for Animal Crossing) for the month.  So I’ll leave that off for now.

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