Sunday, 29 September 2013

Next Contestant

  Yesterday I announced more victory screens to be incoming.  Today:


  Ha, ha, ha, troll!  Yes, I used the warp zones.  I did say I was interested in something a bit easier.  Fear not, though, as I have been keeping up: 

  For reference, Zoda’s Revenge: Star Tropics II fulfills all of the criteria, as a first party Nintendo game and an 8-bit classic.  I’ll check back in as progress continues, but as a spoiler, I never made it much of anywhere in Star Tropics.  Sad :(

  Also, yes, my screen photography makes me more sad.

  I’ve turned my mind back to a work of fiction that I’ve been itching to write.  Trouble is, the work is too close to being ugly truth to be considered loving parody.  Also, I set the narrative in a fiction version of Japan, all inspired by the Ukiyo-e drawings that I’ve seen circulating the ‘net.  I might not know enough, nor what sources to read to quickly assemble this setting.

  But most of the parodies could easily be transferred to other settings, for instance, consider the Celtic Invasion Age.

  It would be a strange narrative, but I know quite a bit more of this region, and I know where I would go for more research.  Zelda matches this landscape perfectly, being as it is a Celtic renewal tale from top to bottom (triple gods, Epona, magic sword like Excalibur, the list goes on).  While this project is nowhere near ready to roll out in detail, I rather like the idea of rebuilding it in this setting, not least of which because it could double as an adventuring setting very easily.

  That’s all from me today.  TTFN gamers!

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